Custom Metal Works Since 1923

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Welcome to Badger Sheet Metal Works

Badger Sheet Metal Works has provided custom metal fabrication solutions for nearly a century. Powered by a state-of-the-art facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin, our highly skilled teams are committed to quality workmanship that generate extraordinary results.

Mild Steel

This is where Badger Sheet Metal Works earned its stripes, producing products for the paper industry beginning in 1923 and developing a quick turnaround process that continues to serve our customers well today.

Heavy-Plate Fabrication

Thickness of the material is the primary difference between heavy-plate fabrication and other large fabrication projects, and Badger Sheet Metal Works has the equipment and expertise to handle both.

Large Fabrication

Our quarter-million square feet of production space and 30-ton lifting cranes give us the capability of completing projects on a truly extraordinary scale.

Stainless Fabrication

Our specialized stainless steel fabrication facility meets the stringent regulatory requirements and design specifications of the food and dairy, and pharmaceutical industries.


We are the premier custom metal fabrication company shaped by a caring, high-functioning team respectful of the quality we create, and committed to swift and extraordinary results.

Your Project is more than just a job. You are family.

We are committed to the design, fabrication and delivery of perfect product

You will have a better understanding of what makes Badger Sheet Metal Works different after our first meeting. Ours is a customer-driven team concept that places you at the highest point in our process. It’s why we call it “The Badger Experience.”


Badger Sheet Metal Works is committed to exploring the ultimate potential of every project and generating extraordinary results. We use internal tracking systems that monitor processes and projects from start to finish, helping ensure on-time delivery and exceptional outcomes.


Our highly trained team members are as passionate about working safely as they are about working efficiently. We leverage an extensive in-house training process to ensure our people have the appropriate knowledge for our work environment.


Badger Sheet Metal Works is a long-term employer for most of our team members. In fact, the average length of employment here is more than 20 years. That workforce consistency contributes to our high level of in-house expertise and exceptional performance metrics.