Specialized Facility Sets Badger Sheet Metal Works Apart In Stainless Steel Fabrication Industry

Specialized Facility Sets Badger Sheet Metal Works Apart In Stainless Steel Fabrication Industry

Clean Room Meets Sanitation Standards for Medical Industry Fabrication

PharmacueticalGREEN BAY, Wisconsin – Stainless steel fabrication requires a dedicated environment for the production of high-quality products, and Badger Sheet Metal Works is at the forefront of the industry with the capabilities of its state-of-the-art facility.

“Badger Sheet Metal Works recognized an opportunity to become subject matter experts in stainless steel fabrication,” said Sam Thomas, Vice President of Operations at Badger Sheet Metal Works. “We set about creating the ideal production environment to meet that need, and our customers have been extremely satisfied with the results.”

Medical industry fabrication is a primary niche for stainless steel fabrication, along with pharmaceutical equipment and customers in the food and dairy industry. The company has been a trusted sheet metal fabricator since 1923 and continues to serve a wide range of customers in that role.

Leaders in Stainless Steel Fabrication

A leader in stainless steel fabrication and product design, Badger Sheet Metal Works moved into its custom-designed production facility in 2008. The plant’s clean room provides an appropriate environment for the company’s stainless steel experts to meet the stringent requirements for medical industry fabrication.

“Our stainless steel production facility meets rigorous 3A sanitation standards,” Thomas said. “Our products have a very low FA value, meaning they will degrade less and last longer than average. This measure of quality provides our customers with the confidence they need to make a significant investment in their business.”

Badger Sheet Metal Works also produces stainless steel fabrication projects including catwalks, bottling equipment, tanks, packaging components, conveyors and process piping.

About Badger Sheet Metal Works

Badger Sheet Metal Works is headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and employs approximately 100 people. In addition to stainless steel fabrication, Badger teams produce traditional sheet metal fabrication projects, along with large fabrication and heavy-plate fabrication capabilities.

For more information about Badger Sheet Metal Works, call Sam Thomas, Vice President of Operations, at (920) 435-8881, or visit http://bsmw.com/.

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