Heavy Plate Fabrication Differentiates Badger Sheet Metal Works

Heavy Plate Fabrication Differentiates Badger Sheet Metal Works

Capabilities Meet Mining Industry Fabrication Requirements

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin – Badger Sheet Metal Works leverages the capabilities of its state-of-the-art production facility to complete heavy plate fabrication projects for a wide range of customers, including mining industry fabrication jobs that can require heavier and more complex lifts.

mining industry fabrication“The thickness of the metal accounts for the primary difference between heavy plate fabrication and other custom metal fabrication projects that we do,” explained Sam Thomas, Vice President of Operations at Badger Sheet Metal Works. “We designed this facility to safely handle heavier lifts than many of our competitors.”

Badger Sheet Metal Works’ 70 x 320-foot main assembly bay features four crane rails with a total lifting capacity of 30 tons. The 110,000-square-foot shop floor is large enough to accommodate additional lift equipment for cases in which the 30-ton lifting capacity isn’t enough.

A 22-foot under-hook height gives Badger’s crews the ability to complete a wide range of heavy plate fabrication and mining industry fabrication projects.

The physical plant complements the expertise of Badger Sheet Metal Works’ team members in guiding complex heavy plate fabrication projects from pre-planning and cost estimation through the design, project management, shipping, and installation phases.

Badger Excels at Mining Industry Fabrication

Badger Sheet Metal Works collaborates with engineers in the mining industry to produce heavy plate fabrication projects capable of supporting power generation from electrical motors.

Pump bases feature the extra strength necessary to support equipment used in water handling, fracking and other high-intensity applications.

“Our teams have the ability to complete mining industry fabrication components ranging from cosmetic enhancements to heavy-plate welding,” Thomas said. “We have built-in stop points in our process to allow for quality inspection and confirm our customers’ expectations.”

About Badger Sheet Metal Works

Badger Sheet Metal Works is headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and employs approximately 100 people. Badger teams specialize in welding and metal fabrication, custom metal fabrication, aluminum sheet metal fabrication, large fabrication projects, heavy plate fabrication and stainless steel projects.

For more information about Badger Sheet Metal Works’ heavy plate fabrication and mining industry fabrication capabilities, call Sam Thomas, Vice President of Operations, at (920) 435-8881, or visit http://bsmw.com/.

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