Machine component assembly requires expert project coordination

Machine component assembly requires expert project coordination

Badger Sheet Metal Works provides customers with fully functional machines

Machine component assembly is the final step in what often is a multi-step, multi-supplier project. Identifying a production partner who has the expertise to coordinate the project and complete the assembly phase can be a challenge unto itself, making Badger Sheet Metal Works a valued member of the machine component assembly team.

Badger Sheet Metal Works specializes in the fabrication aspects of complex projects, while also providing the machine component assembly expertise needed to serve as a single point of contact in bringing a project to fruition. Projects that fall into this category commonly include:

  • Dryers
  • Heater boxes
  • Water filtration systems

“Our customers typically will send us a list of specialty items for which they will be providing the inventory to us either directly or through a third party,” says Kenny Coe, director of sales at Badger Sheet Metal Works. “We’ll bid the parts of the project we can provide along with final machine component assembly.”

Badger Sheet Metal Works excels in material handling equipment fabrication as well as various aspects of complex projects. The majority of bids are structural steel, sheet metal, steel plates and machining.

Machine component assembly isn’t done until functionality tests

The Badger Sheet Metal Works team performs verification checks at multiples stages of a project, beginning with receipt of all customer-supplied components as well as those shipped by third-party suppliers.

Example Components

  • Electrical motors
  • Pumps
  • Specialty valves
  • Electrical boxes
  • Electrical panels with LCD displays

“After our team has completed the assembly phase, the customer will come in to power-up the unit and run through a full diagnostics check,” Coe explains. “The customer will verify the unit is fully functional prior to leaving our facility and if any necessary changes need to be done they can be done in short order by doing this at Badger.”

About Badger Sheet Metal Works

Badger Sheet Metal Works is a custom and OEM metal fabrication partner for a wide range of industries including food and dairy, mining, petroleum, material handling, medical and pharmaceutical. The company employs approximately 100 people in a custom-designed plant in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The facility includes a 70 by 320-foot main assembly bay with four crane rails featuring a total lifting capacity of 30 tons and a 22-foot under-hook height.

For more information about Badger Sheet Metal Works’ machine component assembly, call Kenny Coe, director of sales, at (920) 435-8881, or visit

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