Process pipe fabrication requires imaginative route planning

Process pipe fabrication requires imaginative route planning

Badger Sheet Metal Works delivers custom pipe spool fabrication projects

Computer users of a certain age will recall a classic screensaver that relentlessly constructed a mesmerizing collection of three-dimensional pipes that soon filled the monitor’s screen. That fictional image is not far from reality inside many of the nation’s industrial complexes, requiring a high level of process pipe fabrication expertise to make it work.

Badger Sheet Metal Works designs and builds process pipe fabrication systems up to 10 inches in diameter for a variety of uses, including water filtration systems, food and dairy operations, steam and water recovery for heating and cooling applications, and other energy recovery systems.

“The use of elbows, 45-degree connectors and flanges allow us to fit pipe spool systems virtually anywhere,” states Kenny Coe, director of sales at Badger Sheet Metal Works. “Kind of like that old pipes screensaver, there can be miles of pipe spools involved in some of the more extensive projects.”

Process pipe fabrication services include in-house pressure testing

Badger Sheet Metal Works ensures all of its process pipe fabrication projects pass stringent in-house pressure testing or hydrostatic testing to verify they are leak-free prior to shipment.

High-quality welds play a major role in pipe spool construction, while Victaulic grooved couplings are used in some process pipe fabrication projects. Many of these capabilities also come into play in dust collection equipment fabrication.

“Our team is proficient at Level 1 welds, and we work with a weld inspection partner that has Level 2 and Level 3 certified weld inspectors if needed,” Coe says. “It can take an exceptional amount of planning, welding and manufacturing expertise to ensure our efforts meet our customers’ process pipe fabrication needs.”

About Badger Sheet Metal Works

Badger Sheet Metal Works is a custom and OEM metal fabrication partner for a wide range of industries including food and dairy, mining, petroleum, material handling, medical and pharmaceutical. The company employs approximately 100 people in a custom-designed plant in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The facility includes a 70-by-320-foot main assembly bay with four crane rails featuring a total lifting capacity of 30 tons and a 22-foot under-hook height.

For more information about Badger Sheet Metal Works’ custom process pipe fabrication capabilities, call Kenny Coe, director of sales, at (920) 435-8881, or visit

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