Badger Sheet Metal Works Tackles Large-Scale Projects Through Integrated Machining Services

Badger Sheet Metal Works (BSMW) takes great pride in providing high-quality custom stainless-steel fabrication and metal fabrication for customers near and far in wide-ranging industries. The company leverages large-scale lifting capabilities to complete projects of varying sizes in its custom 110,000 sq. ft. facility. Building on a history that stretches back nearly a century, BSMW boasts expertise in a comprehensive set of metal fabrication services, including cutting, rolling, welding, bending, painting and assembly.

In 2017, BSMW invested in the development of advanced, on-site CNC machining capabilities, further expanding its ability to serve its customers.

Operating CNC milling machines as well as a CNC lathe and vertical machining center, BSMW can machine components to complement its sheet metal fabrication capabilities and assemblies for customers. Such a service is commonly outsourced by other metal fabrication companies.

What is Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining?

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is a partially-automated method of making parts using pre-programmed computer software to control the movement of cutting tools.

The tools remove layers of material from a workpiece by a process of shear deformation, producing a part that closely matches the original CAD. Milling, turning, and grinding are common CNC-operated manufacturing processes.

CNC machines require custom computer programs to operate. Before any cutting begins, the specialized software translates CAD models into machinery movements through code. The code controls the speed, feed rate, and helps the user coordinate the various machine tools in the production process.

Through CNC machining, simultaneous operations on multiple parts can be completed by a single machinist, maximizing speed and productivity without sacrificing quality.

The custom CNC machining services at BSMW produce complex metal parts with precision that conventional machining methods cannot match. It’s more than just a bragging point, too, because in the pharmaceutical, medical device, food and dairy, and oil and gas industries, even a slight defect or imperfection can have serious consequences.

Badger Sheet Metal Works’ CNC Machining Capabilities

CNC Milling Machines

3-Inch Meuser Boring & Milling Machine M-70-BM | Haas TM-1P Vertical Mill

CNC milling is used to cut or drill material to create complex shapes with non-symmetrical dimensions. The manufacturing process utilizes a rotating cutting tool to shave chips from a block of material, forming metal to an exact design. A computer controls the movements of the milling machine using a program made up of numerical code.

BSMW’s highly-efficient CNC milling machines are equipped with automated tool changers and can achieve tolerances within +/-.001”.

Common applications: Machining Weldments

CNC Lathe

Haas ST-25 CNC Lathe

CNC lathes are often used to make cylindrical parts. The lathe spins the workpiece while a cutting tool moves axially in two directions, removing material until the desired shape remains.

Common applications: Drive Shafts, Spindles, Custom Washer, Custom Bolts

CNC Vertical Machining Center

Haas VF-10/40 Hass Vertical Machining Center

CNC vertical machining centers use a high degree of automation and a variety of tooling and cutters to grind parts out of a metal workpiece. The machining center’s spindle is mounted on the Z axis, allowing it to move accurately and improve precision without impacting speed.

Using this versatile machine, the BSMW team can easily perform various machining operations on a workpiece, such as milling, drilling and threading.

Common applications: Machining Weldments, Threading, Counter Sinking, Boring High-Tolerance Holes, Counter Boring, Flow Drilling

Benefits of Badger Sheet Metal Works’ In-House Machining

Increased Efficiency with a Single, Reliable Partner: At BSMW, all aspects of a project are more easily coordinated, completed sooner and with greater precision because all sheet metal fabrication services and machining can be managed in-house.

Cost Savings: On-site machining allows the customer greater involvement in the process, increasing efficiency and reducing costs of the finished product.

Prototyping: Using BSMW’s machining capabilities, customers can prototype and test for correct form, fit and function. By ensuring accuracy before production begins, BSMW creates parts that are on time and free of defects.

Badger Sheet Metal Works Machining FAQs

With what materials do you work?

Stainless, Carbon, and Aluminum

What is your typical lead time for production parts?

2-3 Weeks

Is there a minimum or maximum quantity for an order?


Ready to get started?

Got plans drawn up for packaging components? Or perhaps bottling equipment? How about a metal weldment requiring post machining? Call Badger Sheet Metal Works today to learn how its full suite of sheet metal fabrication and machining services can solve your toughest manufacturing challenges: 920-435-8881

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