5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Welding

5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Welding

The main question facing most high school graduates is “now what?” Finding a rewarding career is a challenging task that requires you to weigh your skills and interests against the current makeup of the job market.

Some may aspire to be doctors, engineers, lawyers, or astronauts. Welding, though, is a career path lacking the attention it deserves.

Welders join metal materials together applying intense heat or pressure and perform critical repairs. Training for the job teaches practical problem solving and life skills. And, for those with the ambition and willingness to put in the work, welding offers a career with lucrative potential and longevity.

We’ve tipped up the welder’s mask to show how exciting and hands on this career path can be! Read on for the five main reasons you should consider the world of welding!

No degree needed

Unlike jobs with a similar pay scale, you don’t need an expensive, four-year degree to become a welder. But you do need to become qualified before you can start getting work. This is most easily accomplished through a welding certificate program, which typically takes seven months to two years to complete.

The field also includes ‘earn-while-you-learn’ apprenticeship opportunities, meaning while you’re gaining welding skills and experience, you can be working and earning money.

High demand for the skill

Welding ranks high on national lists of stable career fields. Businesses will always be hiring welders as long as there are parts that need to be fused with other parts. In fact, right now, more than 50 percent of products in the U.S. require welding.

Also, as a generation of tradespeople nears retirement age, the U.S. faces a serious shortage of professionally trained welders. The American Welding Society estimates the welder deficit will hit nearly 400,000 workers by the year 2024.

Simply put, the need is growing, meaning certified welders are ensured job security and ample opportunities in the years ahead.

Great wages

Salary is typically a key consideration when choosing a career. On average, welders make nearly three times as much as the federal minimum wage.

Similar to doctors and lawyers, a welder’s high salary is largely due to the specialized skills and certifications the profession requires.

And like all jobs, pay increases as you gain more experience and knowledge. Welding offers room for both professional and financial growth.

Rewarding, creative work

If you played with LEGOS as a kid or like puzzles, welding offers a professional outlet for that innate problem solving and creativity. It’s often described as more of an art than a trade, which brings an increased sense of accomplishment and pride to the work. Transforming pieces of metal into a finished project feels rewarding because your contribution has a tangible impact. Welders at Badger Sheet Metal Works help create components for the boating industry, mining equipment, packaging equipment, and more. It’s that kind of variety that ensures no day in welding is like any other.

Advancement opportunities

The high demand for welders means it’s easy to advance and grow in the trade. Many jobs are dead-ends or offer limited advancement opportunities, which eventually result in dissatisfaction and career shifting.

With continued education and training, welders can easily move into higher-level positions in fabrication, including inspection and engineering.

Do you have the spark for the arc?

A career in welding is stable, engaging, pays well, and can be just plain fun.

To get started on this exciting career path, find a welding school and start learning the skills you need to become a professional today.

If you have questions about a career in welding or would like to hear what a professional welder has to say about his or her experience in the field, contact Badger Sheet Metal Works.

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