BSMW Expands Capabilities and Speeds Throughput with New, In-House Powder Coating System

Badger Sheet Metal Works (BSMW) is pleased to announce the recent installation of a new powder coating batch system. The addition serves as the latest example of the company’s comprehensive approach to metal fabrication. The new service pairs with BSMW’s wet painting process to provide customers a wider variety of coating options for their parts. BSMW’s ability to finish products onsite also allows for better control of cost, quality and lead-times, ensuring parts stay within budget, are completed error-free, and get delivered on time.

“The main goal associated with the investment of the new powder coat system was to supplement our wet paint process with another paint option for our customers,” explained Jeff Lindsley, BSMW’s Operations Manager. “By doing so they are now able to get all their coating needs completed in one stop. And naturally, the addition of this new paint capacity helped alleviate the load increase we have experienced this past year in our wet paint deptartment. Certainly, all things considered, this is a win/win.”

The investment in the powder coating batch system not only benefits BSMW’s customers, but has also prompted growth in the company’s fabrication team. BSMW will have more than doubled its paint team by the end of this quarter.

“A few years ago, we experienced an all-time record year in sales,” said Lindsley. “This year, we are on pace to surpass that number easily. The addition of PC paint has allowed us to do this. Without it, we would have struggled to get the product out the door.”

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a cost-effective way to enhance the durability of parts while also giving them an attractive, uniform appearance. It is also markedly different from other types of paint and finishes because it is a dry process that utilizes an electrostatic charge.

During the coating process, a polymer-resin powder is loaded into a spray gun that uses an electrostatic charge to apply the powder to the workpiece’s surface. The coated part is then cured in a high-temperature oven where the powder melts and chemically bonds into a protective coating across the entire part, including any crevices.

Benefits of Powder Coating


A top benefit of powder coating is its longevity. It offers greater protection from scratches, chipping, corrosion, and oxidation than most liquid coatings. Even when exposed to extreme environments, a powder coating’s color remains sharp and uncompromised.


Because an electromagnetic charge is used to apply a powder coating, there is no wait time required for drying between one coat and the next.


Unlike liquid applications, powder coatings do not drip or run, preventing unevenness.

Faster Curing Times

Most liquid-coated parts must be left to dry overnight before being packaged and shipped. Powder coatings, alternatively, require a curing time between 10 minutes and an hour. Once the part has cooled, it can be packed right away. This helps speed up a project’s production time.


Powder coatings do not contain any harsh chemicals, emit less carbon dioxide, and can be recycled and reused. Once applied, powder coatings are also less likely to chip, reducing the risk of environmental contamination.

BSMW Powder Coating Capabilities

Working Dimensions: 10’ wide x 10’ tall x 20’ long

Materials: Any metal that can hold an electrostatic charge and withstand the heat of the curing oven can be powder coated at BSMW. That includes stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized metal.

Color: No matter what specialty color is needed, BSMW can match it with a custom powder coating.

Continued Investments in Fabrication Capabilities

Outgrowing its downtown location, BSMW moved into its first custom-designed plant in 2008 and has been enhancing and modernizing the facility and its technology ever since.

Over the last 14 years, more than $6,600,000 has been invested in manufacturing, including equipment, IT infrastructure, and building improvements. 

“Continuous improvement is critical to any business’ success,” said Mike Diermeier, BSMW’s Quality Manager. “As there is no such thing as ‘static’ in business, you are either growing or shrinking, and the only way to grow is to continuously improve your operations. This includes quality, productivity, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and resource utilization.”

Whether you’re looking for a polished, uniform finish; a specific color to match your brand; or proven defense against corrosion, BSMW’s powder coating services will help put the finishing touches on your project. Contact BSMW to get started today.

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