Badger Sheet Metal Works: A Century Strong

Company plans year-long celebration of storied history

Today, like most days, you’d see a lot of activity if you visited Badger Sheet Metal Works’ shop floor. That’s been a remarkable constant for this company since its very beginning during the Calvin Coolidge administration. Now, in its 100th year, Badger Sheet Metal Works reflects on its place within Northeast Wisconsin history, honors the stewards of its brand throughout the years, and hones a vision for embarking on another century of success.

It began in 1923

Henry De Caster founded BSMW on the guiding principles of providing customers with the highest levels of quality and service. From its initial location on Washington Street in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin, BSMW was first focused on providing furnace and sheet metal supplies to local residents and businesses. The scope of the company was quick to expand to a wide range of metal endeavors, and by 1930 the company had moved across the Fox River to a larger building on S. Broadway.

After decades of steady growth, BSMW moved in 2008 into its first custom-designed plant on Partnership Drive in Ashwaubenon. Its focus then, as it is today, is metal fabrication for industrial and commercial applications marked by quality and customer-first service. Three generations of De Caster family leadership have cemented that approach and built the company a lasting reputation.

It continues in 2023

One hundred years since its founding, BSMW employs more than 100 people and has become one of the Midwest’s premier metal fabricators. It will be led into a new century by new ownership, American Alloy, a full-service custom manufacturer headquartered in Spokane, WA.

BSMW specializes in aluminum, carbon, mild steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel fabrications, ranging from sheet and plate to structural materials. The shop’s main assembly bay is designed to tackle large fabrication projects and features four crane rails with a total lifting capacity of 30 tons and a 22-foot-under-hook height.

An entire room of BSMW’s 110,000 sq. ft. fabrication shop is devoted to stainless steel work. The dedicated production environment minimizes exposure to carbon and meets the rigorous 3-A Sanitary Standards of the food processing industry. Its team’s experience working with the metal is evident from the number of products in its repertoire, which include bottling equipment, tanks, conveyors, sanitary and bulk process hoppers, dispensers, packaging components, and process piping.

Most recently, BSMW expanded its capabilities with the installation of a new powder coating batch system. The new service pairs with BSMW’s wet painting process to provide customers a wider variety of coating options for their parts.

Among rarified company

Longevity is a desired trait for any business in any industry, but reaching the century mark is quite the rare accomplishment. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only around 50 percent of new businesses reach five years, approximately 33 percent survive to year 10, and only half a percent (0.5%) of all companies have what it takes to last 100 years.

BSMW milestones


BSMW is Founded by Henry De Caster.


BSMW Moves to 420 South Broadway St. Location.


BSMW Purchases a Cincinnati Laser (preventing its employees from having to hand cut material).


A Dream Became a Reality; BSMW’s 1410 Partnership Dr. Location is Built.


BSMW Adds the Amada Laser, Press Brakes & Seam Welder.


BSMW Expands its Machine Centers (VF10, Boring & Lathe).


BSMW is Awarded the Distinction Award for Workforce Development.


BSMW Reaches 100 Employees.


BSMW is Awarded the Silver Industrial Achievement Award — Full Compliance with NEW Water’s Pretreatment Program.


Two Become One; Greg De Caster Sells BSMW to American Alloy out of Spokane, WA.


BSMW Adds Powder Coat Booth & Oven.


BSMW Achieves 100 Years in Business.

What’s next for BSMW?

To recognize the most important contributors to its success, Badger Sheet Metal Works is commemorating its centennial in several ways throughout the year:

  • A new blog series focused on key memories and achievements in BSMW’s history
  • Exciting giveaways for customers and staff
  • A family open house event
  • Community service projects

In the coming months, BSMW will also be implementing a new ERP system, allowing the company to integrate with its sister company, American Alloy. This will provide BSMW with the latest technology for quoting, scheduling and purchasing materials.

And with a focus on continuous improvement, BSMW will be gaining a new tube laser, opening opportunities for tube and frame fabrication.

For more information about Badger Sheet Metal Works’ custom fabrication capabilities, call Kenny Coe, director of sales, at (920) 435-8881, or visit

BSMW throughout the years

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