Excellence Across Multiple Disciplines Powers Plug-and-Play Products at BSMW

Excellence Across Multiple Disciplines Powers Plug-and-Play Products at BSMW

Contrary to what the name suggests, Badger Sheet Metal Works offers much more than sheet metal services. Whether it’s laser cutting, machining, finishing or assembly, BSMW stands out in the industry as a comprehensive one-stop solution for metal fabrication needs. This integrated approach ensures cost savings and a simplified process for customers, perhaps exemplified most by the company’s plug-and-play services. Unique only to fabricators which can offer end-to-end solutions to clients, plug-and-play products are a testament to what can be accomplished under one roof by a full-service company. Read on to learn about the broad range of capabilities offered at BSMW and how they are all leveraged when a client comes calling with a plug-and-play project.

BSMW’s Capabilities

The BSMW team is proud of its long tradition of offering comprehensive fabricating services. The basics are summarized below, but the bottom line for the client is it eliminates the hassle of coordinating with multiple vendors, shortens project durations, and reduces their costs.

Laser/Tube Cutting

BSMW’s lasers routinely hold ~+/-.005 tolerances on metal material up to 7g sheet. The laser cutting process is also almost entirely automated, with programming completed through the use of CNC CAD/CAM technology. This ensures the same cuts can be performed as many times as necessary, with the part matching the blueprint in every instance.

BSMW also recently invested in an AMADA 3015 tube laser cutter to consistently achieve intricate cuts and offer versatile, efficient solutions to clients.


With CNC milling machines and a CNC lathe and vertical machining center on-site, projects are completed sooner with greater precision. Customers can also prototype and test for correct form, fit and function, ensuring accuracy before production begins.


BSMW’s welders hold AWS qualifications for carbon steel (D1.1), aluminum (D1.2) and stainless steel (D1.6), and its two on-site Certified Welding Inspectors (CWIs) give the company a quality control advantage over many competitors. There is no need to contract with third-party CWIs that increase the cost and timeline of your project.


BSMW’s industrial finishing experts have spent decades refining the treatment and painting of metal. The company’s extensive range of in-house capabilities include:

  • Deburring
    • BSMW uses an ARKU 3000 deburring machine to give components a smooth, uniform texture, making a better adherent for paint.
  • Polishing
    • BSMW’s LYNX Timesaver can polish plate sheet to any grain finish desired. 
  • Wet Paint
    • A paint finish is a critical step in the metal fabrication process, extending the service life of a part and enhancing its appearance. BSMW’s two 30 x 20 x 14-foot painting booths and two shifts of painting teams keep parts moving through the production process and prevent bottlenecks. BSMW paints both aluminum and steel and can match a customer’s sample color, texture or mill thickness.
  • Powder Coating
    • Powder coating is a cost-effective way to enhance the durability of parts while also giving them an attractive, uniform appearance. The service pairs with BSMW’s wet painting process to provide customers with a wider variety of coating options for their parts.
  • BSMW can also provide coatings such as black oxide, anodize, and full dip passivation through its network of vendors.

Assembly and Shipping

In the case of plug-and-play projects, among others, BSMW provides the assembly of components like motors, valves, electronic components and more. Plus, its dedicated shipping team ensures safe delivery by the project deadline.

Plug-and-Play: Streamlining Assembly and Delivery

BSMW can (and frequently does) go beyond traditional metal fabrication tasks like laser cutting and welding. Companies frequently seek out BSMW’s expertise for comprehensive assembly solutions, from integrating belts and motors to powering and testing entire machines. These ready-to-use components are shipped directly to a site of the client’s choosing, eliminating back-and-forth transport and additional costs. With BSMW, products aren’t just assembled; they’re tested, certified, and shipped out fully prepared for immediate use. Hence the term “plug-and-play.”

Recent examples of BSMW’s plug-and-play work comes from two very different projects:


BSMW expertly fabricates all the required metal components, welding them and adding the final paint and finishes. Once they receive additional components like rollers, belts, motors, and electrical boxes, its team assembles the entire conveyor. Rigorous testing, including verifying load ratings and RPMs, ensures they’re working at peak performance. Once certified, the conveyor is safely packaged and promptly shipped to site.

Water Filtration Frames

BSMW also specializes in crafting frames for water filtration systems. Using special materials provided by clients, the in-house team assembles the frame and attaches the pneumatic valves and manifolds. A comprehensive functionality check involves powering the system and hooking it to an air supply, before powering it back down, packaging it up and shipping the frame directly to the client’s preferred location.

“When our product reaches a client’s site, it’s a testament to our promise of delivering complete solutions that are ready to perform from the get-go,” says Badger Sheet Metal Works sales manager Kenny Coe. “Not every fabricator can deliver plug-and-play products – it’s truly a strength that sets us apart.”

Badger Sheet Metal Works: Best by Test

As an industry leader, BSMW is proud to offer streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective solutions, including plug-and-play services. The company’s broad skillset gets to shine with these projects, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a vendor who can provide better logistics when so many capabilities are called upon at once. Ready to experience the difference of a truly integrated metal fabrication service? Contact Badger Sheet Metal Works today.

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