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BSMW industrial heater machining

High-Quality Industrial Heater Manufacturing Maximizes Efficiency

Kenny Coe

Companies that use thermal conduction in its processes rely on precise industrial heater manufacturing to ensure heat transfer occurs efficiently and equipment performance meets specifications. Badger Sheet Metal Works’ technicians work collaboratively with customer design teams to provide high-quality industrial heater manufacturing services for a wide range of applications.

Badger Sheet Metal Works 2205 stainless steel fabrication

2205 Stainless Steel Fabrication Benefits from Specialized Facility

Kenny Coe

Companies looking for a higher grade of corrosion-resistant stainless steel count on Badger Sheet Metal Works and its specialized production environment for 2205 stainless steel fabrication. The Green Bay, Wisconsin-based company is one of the few metal fabricators to invest in a pressurized stainless steel production area that keeps out carbon and other impurities.

Badger Sheet Metal Works custom tank fabrication

Custom Tank Fabrication Spotlights Badger Sheet Metal Works

Kenny Coe

Badger Sheet Metal Works’ custom tank fabrication capabilities provide industrial customers with a go-to source for a wide range of sizes to meet virtually any application. The company’s custom-designed plant provides exceptional lifting capabilities to produce larger custom tanks than many of its competitors.

Badger Sheet Metal Works Excels as an Air Filtration Fabricator

Kenny Coe

Badger Sheet Metal Works’ expertise as an air filtration fabricator provides a high-quality option for customers in need of large-diameter bag houses or regenerative thermal oxidizers. Bag houses are cylindrical silos typically used for filtering powdered products from a liquid base. Air is pumped through the unit with particulates sticking to the bags and later falling to the bottom of the bag house for collection.

Badger Sheet Metal Works general machine assembly

General Machine Assembly Boosts Badger’s Production Capabilities

Kenny Coe

While general machine assembly is a task many metal shops are forced to outsource due to lack of expertise outside of their main production capabilities, Badger Sheet Metal Works has forged a reputation as a comprehensive metal fabrication specialist.The Green Bay, Wisconsin-based company offers seamless involvement for every aspect of general machine assembly, including pre-planning and cost estimates through design, project management and shipping.

Badger process piping fabrication

Badger Sheet Metal Works Provides Process Piping Fabrication

Kenny Coe

Process piping fabrication may not be the first product that comes to mind for a company named Badger Sheet Metal Works, but the Green Bay, Wisconsin-based company has established itself as a leading manufacturer of these critical components for industrial customers throughout the United States.

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