Custom Metal Works Since 1923


Henry De Caster founded Badger Sheet Metal Works in 1923 on the principles of providing customers with the highest levels of quality and service. That commitment continues today into the third generation of De Caster family leadership.

Badger Sheet Metal Works initially focused on providing furnace and sheet metal supplies to local residents and businesses from its Washington Street location in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin. The company soon expanded into a wide range of sheet metal endeavors, and by 1930 had moved into a larger building across the Fox River at 420 S. Broadway.

The company consistently acquired additional technology through the years, eventually focusing on industrial and commercial applications to evolve into one of the premier metal fabricators in the Midwest. Eventually outgrowing its downtown location, the company moved into its first custom-designed plant in 2008 at 1410 Partnership Drive.

Badger Sheet Metal Works’ commitment to quality and customer-first service has remained strong under the De Caster family’s leadership, first with Henry’s son, Bernarr, and now his grandson, Greg. Those family values provide Greg with a solid foundation to enhance the company’s reputation as a trade leader heading into the company’s second century of operation.


Founded by Henry De Caster

In 1923 Badger Sheet Metal Works was founded by Henry De Caster. Founded on the principles of providing customers with the utmost in quality and service, Badger began as a company that provided furnace and sheet metal supplies to a mixture of local residences and businesses.



Move to Larger Facility

By the end of the decade, the thriving company had moved into a wide variety of sheet metal endeavors and thus had to move from its location on Washington Street to a larger building at 420 S. Broadway.


1930 – 1985

Evolution of Midwest’s premier fabricator

Over the next decades, Badger Sheet Metal Works evolved into one of the Midwest’s premier metal fabricators. Acquiring more technology, the commitment to quality and the quaintness never faltered as the company was passed on to Henry’s son and grandson, Bernarr and Greg.

The company moved away from residential applications to a more industrial and commercial devotion.



First Laser C&C machine in Wisconsin

The company continued to grow through the years by expanding into other aspects of the trade and acquiring one of the first laser CNC machines in Wisconsin in 1986.


Tradition continues

With all growth Badger Sheet Metal Works has incurred during the Greg De Caster era, the philosophy of providing “customer first” service is treated in the same manner that Henry De Caster envisioned it would be when he first opened the doors those many years ago.

Today those family values instilled by Henry and Bernarr guide Greg De Caster in his diligence to further augment a family business into a trade leader for decades more.