We designed our main assembly bay specifically to handle the types of large fabrication projects that few metal shops can take on.

The two 15-ton cranes in our facility can run as a tandem or single units, with a total lifting capacity of 60,000 pounds. Our 70 x 320-foot main assembly bay and a 22-foot under-hook height provide ample space for additional lift equipment when needed and ease of loading.

Large fabrication projects can span a wide range of applications including:

  • Air filtration units
  • Dust collection units
  • Control rooms
  • Electrical shelters
  • Food industry ovens
  • Fracking equipment
  • Industrial heaters and dryers
  • Large and small tanks
  • Pump bases
  • Water treatment tanks

Contact us to discuss the requirements and scope of your next large fabrication project or to request a quote.

Air Filtration

Our extensive experience in air filtration projects includes applications as diverse the automotive industry, paper machines and production, and gas reclamation.

Control Rooms

We produce projects ranging from cosmetic enhancements to complete rooms for an array of customers in the mining industry, manufacturers, and power and electric companies.


Our spacious main bay, featuring 30 tons of lifting capacity and a 22-foot under-hook height, gives us the ability to handle truly massive duct projects.

Ovens For The Food Industry

These aren’t your typical dorm room ovens. These big guys are used in industrial applications such as pizza crust production.

Electrical Shelters

We have the ability to produce electrical shelters suitable for both external and internal environments.

Industrial Heaters & Dryers

Commonly used with paint and ink applications, we produce these units for customers in a variety of industries including automotive, textile, paper and printing.

Dust Collection

Dust collection and fume evacuation are major issues in industrial environments, particularly in the paper industry. Our team has a wealth of experience in fabricating these parts to make your work environment safer.

Large Tanks

Large tanks play an important role in a variety of applications, including food and dairy, air filtration, waste collection for the meat processing industry, even engine testing for the marine industry.

Water Treatment Tanks

Appropriate anywhere water needs treatment prior to discharge, we fabricate these tanks for customers as diverse as the food and dairy industry and municipalities.

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