Powder coating is a cost-effective way to enhance the durability of parts while also giving them an attractive, uniform appearance.

During the coating process, a polymer-resin powder is loaded into a spray gun that uses an electrostatic charge to apply the powder to the workpiece’s surface. The coated part is then cured in a high-temperature oven where the power melts and chemically bonds into a protective coating across the entire part, including any crevices.

The service pairs with Badger Sheet Metal Work’s wet painting process to provide customers with a wider variety of coating options for their parts. BSMW’s ability to finish products onsite, ensuring parts stay within budget, are completed error-free, and get delivered on time.

BSMW Powder Coating Capabilities

Working Dimensions: 10’ wide x 10’ tall x 20’ long

Materials: Any metal that can hold an electrostatic charge and withstand the heat of the curing oven can be powder coated at BSMW. That includes stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized metal.

Color: No matter what specialty color is needed, BSMW can match it with a custom powder coating.

Whether you’re looking for a polished, uniform finish; a specific color to match your brand; or proven defense against corrosion, BSMW’s powder coating services will help put the finishing touches on your project. Contact BSMW to get started today.

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