Custom Metal Works Since 1923

What We Do

Commitment To Quality

Badger Sheet Metal Works evolved from our roots as a traditional fabrication business to establish the industry standard for high-quality, just-in-time custom metal fabrication.

Our team is committed to meeting the demands of our highly populated manufacturing region and minimizing downtime for our customers. A key component is our on-staff Certified Weld Inspector (CWI), who provides a clear understanding of weld qualifications and helps prevent project delays.

  • Mild Steel
    You may know this as traditional sheet metal fabrication. This is where Badger Sheet Metal Works earned its stripes, producing products for the paper industry beginning...
  • Capabilities
    Badger Sheet Metal Works’ modern facility gives our team the space and technical firepower to expand operations and meet the specific needs of our customers.
  • Stainless Steel
    Badger Sheet Metal Works recognized an opportunity to become subject matter experts in stainless steel fabrication, and we set about creating the ideal production environment to...
  • Equipment List
    Badger prides itself with not only having the best people, but also the best equipment.
  • Large Fabrication
    Badger Sheet Metal Works has specialized expertise in navigating the often-changing demands of large-scale metal projects.
  • Heavy-Plate Fabrication
    Thickness of the material is the primary difference between heavy-plate fabrication and other large fabrication projects, and Badger Sheet Metal Works has the equipment and expertise...
  • Badger Sheet Metal Works general machine assembly
    All Services Capabilities Mild Steel Stainless Steel Large Fabrication Heavy-Plate Fabrication Assembly Equipment List Assembly...