Custom Metal Works Since 1923

We Are Team Focused

Badger Sheet Metal Works is more than just a metal fabrication shop. We are a manufacturing solutions provider who cares about our customers’ long-term economic strength.

Our culture focuses on empowering individual team members to be leaders, regardless of their skill set. We challenge fearlessly and gain a clear understanding of what our customers’ expectations are – and then we devote resources geared toward exceeding them.

We call the collaborative process our customers travel “the Badger experience.” Whether we deliver cost savings, improvements in manufacturability or simply the reliability of having things fit, you will know it when you see it.

We like to say it’s because we give a (darn).

Commitment to Quality

Quality is an overused term in manufacturing, yet there is no denying the level of craftsmanship and artistry that goes into what our people create for customers.

Whether that quality comes from an understanding of what our customers want or how our people generate visions that may go beyond the customer’s own plans, Badger Sheet Metal Works is committed to exploring the ultimate potential of every project and delivering extraordinary results.